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Agricultural Products


Agricultural Products That Make A Difference

AM-AG is proud to offer top quality crop inputs and specialty items to agriculture markets in Latin America and the US. We offer a broad line of assorted products that fit a diverse selection of many different crops, regions and growing conditions. ​From adjuvants and crop nutrients to special nutrient enhancers and stabilizers, everything produced and distributed by us is cutting-edge and, most importantly, effective.

Recently we introduced a complete line of American made organic and biologically enhanced fertilizers - dry and liquid - to better meet the needs of our producers and growers. We invite you to explore our product catalog and discover how we can help improve soil health and plant productivity for your business.

Biostimulants - Biofertilizers
The Latest in Agriculture

AM-AG recognizes that the world agricultural sector is constantly shifting much of its production to incorporate more of the organic and biologically enhanced fertilizers into their production plans. Therefore, in partnership with Sigma AgriScience, we offer many different types of products to fit the producer's specific needs. These products use value added biologicals to provide an all-in-one nutrient delivery system that feeds the plant while enhancing the biological life of the soil and plant rhizosphere, resulting in an overall positive enhancement of soil health and plant growth.

Maximum Soil Health Potential

While we offer OMRI approved homogeneous products directed towards the organic producer who requires certification. We have seen an enormous difference where our granular formulations are blended with conventional fertilizers for non-organic certified production. This practice enhances the traditional fertilizers to express their maximum potential while conditioning the soil at the same time. When we blend the two types of fertilizers, we create the Sigma Bridge product.

Our innovative biofertilizers and agricultural biostimulants facilitate nutrient uptake while making the root system environment more porous, thus improving root system health and productivity while maximizing water use efficiency and cost effectiveness. The entire line of Sigma granular fertilizers and liquid biostimulants are 100% organic and formulated to dramatically increase soil and plant health and increase yield and profitability for any professional market.

Granular Homogeneous Fertilizers + Bio
Sigma Liquid
Increase Overall Product Performance

Our proprietary adjuvant line includes surfactants, penetrants, deposition aids and conditioning agents that solve everyday problems in the field. By adding an adjuvant to a tank mix, growers and applicators can enhance chemical activity and increase the overall performance of their tank mix. Our adjuvant products feature premium ingredients and proven performance at every use.

Surfactants / Penetrants
Drift Control / Deposition
Water Conditioners
Spreader Sticker
Crop Nutrients
Increase Nutrient Availability and Uptake

Proper nutrition is essential for satisfactory crop growth and production. Our biofertilizers and biostimulants offer a broad spectrum of proven formulations which consist of traditional NPK’s as well as proprietary micronutrients and organics to improve performance. Our innovative products work by increasing the availability and uptake of applied nitrogen and phosphorus to help maximize your investment. No other management aids are this powerful and effective.

Liquid Fertilizers
Starter and Pop-up Fertilizers
Feed Your Soil

While we as humans consume our five “basic food groups,” the plants consume NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potash) as their basic food groups. Our products, however, go beyond NPK. Each granule of our high- quality product have been activated with the most powerful and effective combination of micronutrients that will significantly increase crop quality and yield. Micronutrients and secondary nutrients play very important roles in plant nutrition. We add micronutrients to plants to help correct or prevent a deficiency of those elements in the plants.

Prevent Nutrient Deficiency

Our micronutrients play very important roles in the plants such as serving as activators, balancers of nutrition, activators of fatty acid development, and other such processes like photosynthesis via the plant leaves. All our products are specifically formulated as an all-in-one nutrient delivery system. Not only do they help create a more complex and thirstier root system, they improve the efficiency of the plant’s metabolic system.

Liquid Micronutrients
Enhance and Stabilize Your Soil

AM-AG nutrient management aids are designed to improve performance and increase availability of the crop nutrients that are applied. While several of our flagship products in this product line have focused on increasing the availability and uptake of applied nitrogen and phosphorus, we are continuously developing several additional formulas designed to increase the plant's uptake of all the nutrients.

We are committed to develop and select products that will assist the producers maximize their investment. No other management aids are this powerful and effective.

Nutrient Enhancers
Nitrogen Stabilizers