Insorb® LF

Nutrient Absorption Enhancer

AM-AG INSORB®LF is a specially formulated patented fertilizer enhancement product that aids in absorption of nutrients into the plant. When added to fertilizer, INSORB®LF increases the nutrient level in the plants by keeping fertilizer soluble for an extended period of time. INSORB® LF is a crystal growth and scale inhibitor. It delays the formation of insoluble, to the interaction of positive ion such as calcium, aluminum, magnesium, and barium with negative anions such as phosphate, nitrate, sulfate, chloride or bicarbonates.

Principal Functioning

Co-Poly-3 {Carboxypropionamide) (2-carboxymethyl)acetamde)} 38.2%
Inert & Proprietary Ingredients 61.8%

Application Use Rate

(Per Acre)

**Use 1.0-1.5% v/v (1-1.5 gallons /100 gallons of liquid / suspension fertilizer solution).

**Use 1.5% v/v (1.5 gallon v/v (1.5 gallon/100 gallons of liquid rate when applied to soils with high levels of any of the following – Ca, Al, Fe or Mg.

General Liquid Fertilizer Mixing Rates: Use 1.0-1.5% v/v (gals x 100 gals.) mixed with liquid fertilizers. Be sure to use the 1.5% v/v rates when being applied to soils with high levels of the following -Ca, Al, Fe or Mg.

General Liquid Fertilizer Mixing Rates: General Dry Fertilizer Impregnation Rates: Use 2 -6 quarts per ton directly applied onto dry granular products It is preferable to apply directly onto phosphate fertilizers before blending with high Nitrogen blends. Allow enough time to thoroughly cover all fertilizer granules.

Irrigation Systems Apply 2-4 quarts of INSORB®LF per acre through sprinkler or drip irrigation systems.