Dispersant Wetter & Penetrant

Citri-POWER™ It is a broad-spectrum foliar adjuvant that can be applied to a lot of crops through various application methods.

Citri-POWER™ It has proven to be the ideal result to ensure more effective product when applied with agrochemicals requiring better dispersion, penetration and wetting to aid the translocation into the plant.

Citri-POWER™ It is designed for use in any crop where the product label requires the use of an adjuvant with active tense action and rapid penetration.


Mexico and Central American markets only.


Label Tech Bulletin

Physical Characteristics

Color / Appearance Amber
Density @ 20˚C 1.04-1.06 kg/Lt
pG 5.8

Key Performance Components

  • It has a faster penetrating action to enter the plant faster.
  • Lowers the number of adjuvants applications which saves you money.
  • It is easy to store, manage and calibrate for precise application in cultivation.
  • Its characteristic citrus odor when applied. In many cases it helps to “mask” other strong odors in combinations or mixtures in the tank.
  • It allows better penetration of the leaf´s exterior surface allowing the product to enter the plant faster.
  • It has outperformed many traditional builders non-ionic surfactants.

Use Rates

0.1 - 0.3 v.v.( volume x volume )

For more specific information regarding the rates consult your local authorized dealer.