Nitro+™ DCD

Nitrogen Fertilizer Stabilizer

AM-AG NITRO + ™ DCD is a specific adjuvant Designed to stabilize Nitrogen in several ways. With its proprietary blend of action designed specifically for Increase the time and use of Nitrogen in the soil. NITRO + ™ DCD stabilizes Nitrogen to make it more profitable By plants for a longer period.

NITRO + ™ DCD retards conversion of ammonium ion to ion Nitrite therefore reduces nitrogen loss through Leaching and de-nitrification. NITRO + ™ DCD was designed to be added directly to Nitrogen fertilizers such as UREA and liquid UAN-32 And their physical and liquid mixtures derived from these same sources.

NITRO + ™ DCD can be impregnated (sprayed) directly onto The Urea. Urea stabilized with NITRO + ™ DCD can be applied Directly or can be mixed with other required elements For a physical mixture. NITRO + ™ DCD can be mixed directly to the UAN-32 to Be applied directly or later be used for some Liquid formulation.

Principal Functioning

Proprietary blend DCD (Dicyandiamide) 30%
Inert Ingredients 70%

Key Performance Components

  • Plants to take better advantage of and better assimilate nitrogen.
  • All-in-one technology eliminates the need for unnecessary mixing.
  • Easy to apply, by itself or with many mixtures of liquid formulas.


3-6 liters per metric ton when applied to floors sandy, pH of 7-8% and with levels less than 2.5% of organic matter.

6-8 liters per metric barrel when applied in free-standing floors sandy and clay soils with lower pH levels than 7.5% and organic matter greater than 2.5%.