5 in One™

Acidifier / Penetrant / Depostion Aid / Drift Control Agent / pH Indicator

AM-AG 5 in One™ is a multi-functional adjuvant designed to lower pH of spray solutions, thus preventing alkaline hydrolysis of pesticides sensitive to high pH. 5 in One™ has low foam surfactant system which enhances the activity and performance of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, foliar nutrients and plant growth regulators.


Label Tech Bulletin

Principal Functioning

A proprietary blend of acidifier, surfactants, colorant and drift reduction technologies 80%
Constituents ineffective as an adjuvant 20%

All ingredients are exempt from tolerance under 40 CFR 180.


Key Performance Components

  • Excellent water conditioning and buffering capabilities.
  • Has demonstrated good plant tissue penetration.
  • Very good at managing optimum droplet size for increased anti-drift performance.
  • All in one technology eliminates the need of using many different products.
  • Easy to use.

Application Use Rate

(Per 100 Gallons Per 100 Liters of Spray Solution)

Application Use Rate
Turf, ornamental and industrial
(1-3 ounces per 5 gallons)
60 – 250 ml.
Herbicides, defoliants, aquatic 125 – 500 ml.
Insecticides,fungicides, fertilizers 60 – 250 ml.
Deposition Aid: 250 – 500 ml.
Highly alkaline water:
(pH 8 or higher)
60 – 120 ml.
Mildly alkaline water:
(pH 6.5 – 8)
30 – 60 ml.

General Information

AM-AG 5 In ONE™ is a multi-tasking adjuvant team that conditions thecarrier water and helps to prevent the rapid breakdown of alkaline pHsensitive pesticides such as glyphosate, organophosphates, carbamates andsynthetic pyrethroids. To assist the operator, an indicator dye that causes the solution to turn pink when the pH is at an optimum 4.5 to 5.5 is built into the formulation.

improves penetration of the active ingredient through waxy, resistant epicuticular tissue for more complete uptake and transport tothe mode of action site. Without altering the viscosity of the spray solution,

helps to form spray droplets that are able to resist pumpshear and remain within the optimum range for best deposition and reduced drift away from the intended target.

Mixing Instructions

All instructions assume that the starting solution is clear or white. The colorsof the active ingredients and adjuvants such as marking dyes can alter thetint of the color change. Fill the mixing tank 2/3 full of water. Begin agitationand add an amount of AM-AG 5 In ONE™ until the solution turns pink.

Add the nutrients and/or active ingredients and the balance of the mixing water to ll the tank. If the mix turns clear after this addition, add more AM-AG 5 In ONE™ until the solution turns pink again.

The amount of AM-AG 5 In ONE™ needed will depend on the mineralcontent (hardness) of the water source which can vary widely. The rate willincrease as the mixing water hardness varies from soft (0-100 ppm) toextremely hard (>400 ppm).