Nitro + UAN 32-0-0

Stabalized Liquid Fertilzer

Nitro+™ 32-0-0 contains an Nitrogen inhibitor which functions as a stabilizer prolonging and improving nitrogen availability in the soil, when plants need it most.

Nitro+™ 32-0-0 It can be applied alone or used in the most common formulas containing UAN 32 as a source of nitrogen. A significant part of commercial Nitrogen fertilizer becomes a form of nitrogen nitrate when applied to the soil.

The Ammonium-N becomes Nitrogen-N through a biochemical process (known as nitrification) in the presence of adequate oxygen, warm temperatures (>10 C), and some moisture. This process requires two forms of soil bacteria.

The first bacteria Nitrosomonas converts Ammonium-N to Nitrite-N. The second bacterium Nitrobacter converts Nitrite-N to Nitrate-N.


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Principal Functioning

Nitrogen 32.0%
Phosphorus 0.0%
Potassium 0.0%

Nitrogen Application Methods

application. The principal forms of loss after applying nitrogen-based UAN-32 are leaching, denitrification and volatilization.

When the liquid fertilizer is applied, the Nitrogen that comes from the UAN-32 binds with the soil and becomes the target.

Leaching is the movement of N nitrate which is highly soluble.

Since much of UAN-32 is in the form of ammonium-N, it serves as food for the bacteria that cause nitrification and are present in all soils. When the temperature increases it also increases the conversion process of the Ammonium to Nitrate-N through nitritificación.

The application in crop aid fertilizers generally occurs in the early and mid vegetative cycles of the plant. This period coincides with the increase in air and ground temperatures. This accelerates the generation period of Nitrate-N which becomes vulnerable when excess rainfall is received or when applied in sandy soils.

The AM-AG® Nitro+™32-0-0 is stabilized nitrogen, developed to reduce the loss of N through denitrification, leaching, and volatilization. Volatilization is reduced by inhibition / slowdown in activity of the enzyme urease.


Sorghum • Corn • Soy • Cotton • Citrus • Vegetables • Walnut • Fruits • Cereals

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