Pop-Up 726

Fortified Formula To Increase The Assimilation Of Nutrients And Microbial Activity In The Soil

Even though a soil may have high fertility, the system of roots of a seedling may not be able to obtain the necessary nutrients due to the lack of size and density ground.

AM-AG® POP-UP 726™ is defined as "The placement of small amounts of nutrients in a concentrated area in band directly on the row of seed at the time of planting". The fertilizer formulas "POP-UP" are designed to minimize any germination damage to the seed at the time of sowing. Considering that there are Many fertilizer formulas.

POP-UP 726 ™ offers a complete package of components basic for healthy crops and higher yield.

In particular, it is the complement of the organic acid package in our formula that becomes the key to stable carbon and improves the mix, where it matters most ... in your soil.

Principal Functioning

Nitrogen 7.0%
Phosphorus 26.0%

Application Use Rate

(Per Hectare)

Application Use Rate
Irrigation 13-15 Lts.
Seasonal 10-12 Lts.


Sorghum • Corn • Soy • Cotton

For more specific information regarding the rates consult your local authorized dealer.