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organic fertilizer private label manufacturer


Professional Agriculture Services You Can Trust

AM-AG offers extensive manufacturing and packaging capabilities on an expansive range of products. In partnership with Sigma AgriScience, we have evolved into a superior outsource packaging partner for companies who need blending and packaging for distribution throughout the US and Latin America. From custom blending and packaging to manufacturing and shipping, we are an industry leader who keeps your business in mind while holding the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Private Label Manufacturing

We are experts in helping companies and businesses make their product concepts come to life. Not only do we do this exactly to your specifications, we stay on schedule and complete contracts on time while maintaining our standards of excellence.

Blending & Packaging

Our mission is increasing the success of your business with higher quality biofertilizer blending and packaging. Custom blending of ready products is tailored to your specifications and packaged in your own bag or ours while never compromising quality and efficiency.

Shipping & Logistics

We provide our clients with full-scale agricultural logistics and transportation services. We have the advantage in the capacity of motor freight vans, flatbeds, railcars, and open water which deliver our product to our markets with seamless efficiency.