Nitro+™ Duo

Adjuvant Stabilizing Nitrogen

Am-Ag® NITRO + DUO ™ is a coadjuvant specifically designed to stabilize in several ways the loss of nitrogen in the soil to be used more by plants for a longer period.

NITRO + DUO ™ can be applied in any crop that requires nitrogen including row crops, vegetables, citrus fruits, shrubs, pastures and specialty crops.

NITRO + DUO ™ contains a double protection package that helps decrease nitrogen losses when applied to the surface of the soil and also when it is applied below the surface of the soil.

NITRO + DUO ™ contains inhibitors that slow down the process of loss of ammonium due to the attack of the urease enzyme that causes the volatilization as well as slows the transformation of the ammonium ion to the ion nitrite that therefore reduces the loss of nitrogen by the de-nitrification and leaching.


Label Tech Bulletin

Principal Functioning

Proprietary mix (N- (n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide acid & Dicyandiamide) 47.6%
Inert Ingredients 63.4%

Key Performance Components

  • Nitrogen stabilizers that inhibit the enzyme of urea natural that attacks nitrogen causing volatilization.
  • Prolongs the effect of nitrogen release that helps in the taking of the available nutrients for the plant for the period of longer time
  • It is the best insurance for your plants to take advantage of and better assimilate nitrogen.
  • All-in-one technology eliminates the need to mix unnecessary.
  • Easy to apply, by itself or with many mixtures of formulas liquid.


per ton (1000 KGS.)

Nutrition Rate
Urea 2.1 – 4 Liters
U.A.N 3 – 5 Liters