Sigma Biopak Liquid

Liquid Soil Innoculant

Sigma Biopak Liquid is a premium liquid biological containing soil enhancing Bacillus bacteria, Mycorrhizal fungi and Trichoderma fungi. The synergy of these biologicals act on the plant’s rhizosphere and grow close to the root to promote healthy growth. The purpose of this product is to enhance plant growth and vigor by optimizing nutrient availability and uptake. Sigma Bio improves plant performance and yield potential by promoting better root growth and soil structure.

Available Packaging:

Bottle of 1 liter, Totes of 1,000 lts


Label OMRI


Peppers • Tomato • Tomatillo • Eggplant • Cucumber • Cantaloupe • Watermelon • Pumpkin • Zucchini • Cabbage • Brussels Sprouts • Cauliflower • Broccoli • Lettuce • Cilantro • Celery • Radish • Chard • Carrot • Asparagus • Garlic • Onion • Potato.

For more information for more specific doses, consult your local authorized distributor.


BioPak Dry 961 should only be mixed with products registered in authorized crops, but it is recommended to carry out a test before mixing and prior to application in the field.