Drift Control + Coverage + Deposition

AM-AG RADAR™ improves the deposition of pesticide applications by maximizing the number of spray droplets within the ideal size range for chemical efficacy. RADAR™ maximizes the amount of spray solution that hits the plant and is taken up by target pests by minimizing the number of small droplets susceptible to drift, and large droplets that may bounce upon impact.


Label Tech Bulletin

Principal Functioning

High-quality modified seed oil and other seed oil derivatives, emulsifier and constituents ineffective as a spray adjuvant 100%

All ingredients are exempt from tolerance under 40 CFR 180.


Key Performance Components

  • Drift control that ”right sizes” the droplets.
  • Does not produce large droplets that run off the leaves.
  • Puts the liquid where it needs to be to maximize efficacy.
  • Mixes well with a wide range of tank mixes, reducing blending and clogging problems.

Application Use Rate

(Per Acre)

Application Use Rate
EC’s and aqueous formulations 250 – 400 ml.
DF’s, LF’s and WP’s 250 ml.
Insecticides 250 ml.


Do not use more than 1% v/v of of this product as a part of the spray solution. RADAR™, as with other tank mix ingredients, may cause phytotoxicity and/or mixing incompatibilities. To minimize this risk, the user must have prior experience with these tank mixes or must conduct phytotoxicity and/or jar tests whenever mixing this product or any otherproduct into a new tank mix.

General Information

As a deposition aid, AM-AG RADAR™ increases the performance of pesticides by ensuring that the active ingredient gets on and into the intended target. RADAR™ does this by managing the properties of the pesticide-containing droplets in the air and on the leaf. RADAR™ may beused in a large number of applications and with most pesticides. The applications include row crop, fruits and vegetables, tree crops, vine crops,rights of- way, industrial and vegetation management, forestry, rangeand pasture and other non-crop uses.

The products and equipment that RADAR™ can be used with is very flexible. The products RADAR™ can beused with include all water-soluble concentrates and granules and mostother formulations. RADAR™ may be used with most nozzle types including air induction and other fine particle reduction nozzles. The increase indeposition is dependent on many factors wich include weather conditions,Equipment set up, wind speed and direction, humidity and temperature. All this factors need to be taken into account to proper management of deposition.

Mixing Instructions

Prior to making any pesticide application, be sure to use clean mixing and application equipment. Carefully follow the observations on the product label. A jar test should be conducted for compatibility before mixing the individual components into the spray tank. Fill spray tank three – quarter fullwith water and begin agitation. Add RADAR™ and continue theagitation process. Add pesticides and/or fertilizers as directed by theproduct label or use the following mixing order if no other instructions area vailable:

1. Micronutrients and fertilizers.

2. Dry flowables & water dispersible granules. ( Be sure the granules have dissolved well prior to adding the remainding ingredients ).

3. Water soluble pesticides.

4. Flowables & emulsifiable concentrates.

5. Continue agitation and complete filling of the spray tank.