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organic farming fertilizer and biostimulants

Commercial Organic Farming

Impact of Organic Farming

AM-AG and Sigma AgriScience products are formulated with essential biological organisms that the soil needs for plants to grow to their full potential. Our products allow farms to see vigorous root and plant growth, increased crop yield, improved stress tolerance and protection against disease, and strengthened nutrient absorption. These organic granular fertilizers and liquid biostimulants contain beneficial bacteria and NPK to help increase crop yields and enhance their overall quality.

organic healthy crop

Maximize Crop Yield

As leading producers and distributors of agricultural products and solutions, AM-AG and Sigma AgriScience offer innovative solutions for growers that were developed to get the most from your produce and increase your business’s profitability. Our granular fertilizers and biostimulants are 100% OMRI certified organic, improve overall performance of the soil, and lead to a significant increase in yield potential.

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