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organic biofertilizer for greenhouses

Commercial Greenhouse Production

Supplement Your Current Fertilizer

Commercial greenhouse growers have traditionally incorporated conventional, chemical fertilizers to achieve their goals. More recently, however, advancements in organic fertilizers and supplements such as our Sigma 100% organic granular biofertilizer and liquid biostimulants have allowed growers in the greenhouse market to achieve increased yields, while improving the health of the soil.


Get More Nutrients To the Soil

Our innovative, science-based formulas can help increase crop production and improve quality. The products we offer are made to provide a perfect balance of NPK, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, iron, trace minerals, and other micronutrients that are needed to maintain healthy, fertile soil. Apart from allowing roots to have better access to necessary nutrients, our organic fertilizer, liquid biostimulants, and other specialty products help improve the ecological environment of the soil. This means that the condition of the soil structure is improved, the penetration of oxygen and moisture is facilitated, and root mass and the effectiveness of water management is increased.

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